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Customer Benefits with ONI

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Customer Benefits with ONI

Customer Benefits with Oni

When our customers contact ONI, they expect excellent service. A service of excellence.

ONI prides itself on maintaining a reputation with its customers. The recent ones and the loyal ones. We provide an international trade service which is testament to the long-standing relationships with some of our largest clients.
What do these benefits include?

Our clients have an established network of suppliers and partners. Here, at ONI, we have spent years cultivating and refining this network of partners and suppliers on an international level.
We guarantee studied and competitive prices for quality products that are available in the market. Our customers have access to extensive personalized services due to ONI’s entire experience.

Which countries do our customers have access to?

ONI has long and strong partnerships with global logistics and trading companies.
These countries are: China, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, Angola, Congo and Vietnam.

Our customers, having access to these benefits, can buy products with an absolute advantage. The best prices available, as well as products with quality control, such as fast crisis management, storage and warehouse solutions.

We are strategically located in Cape Town, South Africa.

In conclusion, the fact that ONI is present and active in international markets allows ONI to offer its customers the most competitive advantages in the market. Commodities and high-value food, beverage and food products for the retail industries. Food and processing services. Household appliances and equipment, office equipment, industrial equipment. Vehicles and spare parts and toys.

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