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Dairy Products

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dairy product

Dairy Products

Dairy products provide a number of benefits. Firstly, and as we know, milk is an excellent bone food. Calcium is the mineral that is present in the greatest quantities in bones and dairy products are the best source of calcium. In addition, we must not forget that milk contains more than just calcium. It provides many other nutrients that are beneficial for bone health, including protein and phosphorous, for example.

Dairy products can be considered one of the most nutritious and complete foods. In short, when it comes to dairy there are no completely certain answers that can be applied across the board. Since, the effects on health seem immense from person to person.

What do we offer differently?

Thousands of litres of fresh milk are consumed every morning combined with many dairy products throughout the day and night. And, having said that, we bring you the freshest products whether they are: milk, yoghurt, butter and cheeses.

ONI IMPORT EXPORT is a leading African export and import company that strives to bring you the freshest dairy products. Dairy products play an important role in South African exports. On average, 23 kilos of cheese, liters of milk and 3.7 kilos of butter are consumed each year. We bring the best from our base.

Production demand levels

Rising yield levels will stimulate demand for milk and dairy products, meaning future milk production will need to increase by more than 1.8% per year if yield levels continue to rise. The global dairy market has grown tremendously since the early 1990s.

Quality Assurance

Our products include a variety of whey and milk powder, fresh and long-life milk, butter, yoghurt and cheese products purchased from dairies and co-operatives in South Africa and Argentina.
ONI only partnerships with producers who commit to international quality standards. Our products are transported in such a way that their freshness is preserved.


Any questions you may have or any requests for quotes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Stay up to date with all the updates and news from ONI Import and Export, through our blog and social networks: Facebook and LinkedIn.

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