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XPTO Wines

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XPTO wines

XPTO Wines

Discover the essence of XPTO wines

ONI Import / Export is a company with more than 17 years of experience in international trading located in South Africa. Specialist in trading in global markets for its clients all over the world.

ONI markets the best wines that South Africa has to offer. XPTO wines are very popular with distributors. This is a wine suitable to accompany a succulent steak or even fish.

XPTO wines are obtained from the best selection of grapes from the Western Cape region of the Republic of South Africa. The climatic diversity between the sea and the mountains raises the quality of the soil which contributes to the unique characteristics of the wine. XPTO wines have an intense ruby ​​color, with a harmonious aroma, complex nuances of herbs and spices. In this way, we present the various XPTO Wines:


A wine made up of a variety of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, merlot and pinotage grapes. Its aroma denote herbs, spices and red cherry. The XPTO BIB RED WINE wine is vibrant, complex, elegant and with a smooth entry with vanilla and soft tannins.


A vibrant, complex wine made from a variety of meticulously selected grapes. Elegant and with notes of fresh herbs, spices, vanilla and soft tannins.


A wine produced in Stellenbosch, Western Cape with a variety of Chardonnay, pinotage and Shiraz grapes. This wine contains delicious touches of raspberries and rose petals.


Meticulously chosen Chenin-blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Colombar grapes give the wine a delicious golden apple color. When tasting this wine, you can feel aromatic notes of honey, tropical fruit salad and apple. A complex wine with a taste, tropical fruits and a creamy finish.

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