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Procurement Process

How does the process of purchasing products at ONI Import Export work? ONI Import Export is a South African company, more precisely in Cape Town, leader in imports and exports with over 30 years of experience in the international market. ONI's motto is to continuously satisfy, both our customers and suppliers, through constant monitoring of the market, which allows us to take advantage of any change and/or opportunity. This allows us to better serve our customers! Do you know how ONI's product...

Os produtos Oni

The best Oni Products

The best Oni products Oni marks its presence in international commercial markets with its best products. Coming from trusted partners, Oni has sought out producers, for example, distributed all over the world. Let's get to know a little about each product itself Oni's best and main products to trade are: Frozen fish and seafood; Frozen meat; Fruits and Vegetables; Dairy products. Frozen fish and seafood Oni offers the freshest possible frozen fish and seafood. These products are largely sourced from South America or, often, Asia. The aim of their...

Africa do sul

South Africa – Imports and Exports

South Africa - Imports and Exports In South Africa, exports and imports are activities that relate to international trade. They relate to the entry and exit of products from a given country. Firstly, Africa is one of the six continents of the world and the third largest in land area. It is the third largest in land area, behind Asia and America. Secondly, this territory is more than 30 million km2.  It occupies around 20% of the continental area of the...

A oni utiliza o sistema de entregas FOB

Advantages of FOB deliveries

Let's understand the advantages of FOB deliveries. We start by explaining that FOB is the acronym for Free on Board, which can be called Free on Board Ship. It therefore designates a way of sharing responsibilities, rights and costs between buyer and seller in the trade of goods. This term is included in the list of Incoterms (International Commercial Terms), established by the International Chamber of Commerce. They function as contractual formulas that fix rights and obligations, both for the...