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fruit and vegetables ONI

Fruit and Vegetables

First of all, did you know that fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals? It's true, and these foods should be present every day in meals. Getting a healthy diet protects the onset of various diseases, so it is of great value. Thus, we leave in this article the main vitamins and minerals that fruits, vegetables and greens have: Vitamin A: important for vision, skin, bone and tooth growth, and for the protection of the body. Vitamin B2:...

Winter in South Africa

Winter in South Africa

Winter in South Africa takes place from June to September. During the summer it is very hot. Therefore, the arrival of the cold allows us to carry out a great diversity of activities.   For example, it is with winter that the whale watching season in South Africa arrives. They can be seen off the coast of Hermanus. During this period, many tourists visit the area to live this experience.   Find out what tourists like most about winter in South Africa in...

frozen meat

Frozen meat

First of all, does ONI Import Export supply frozen meat? That's right ... supplies frozen meat, be it beef, pork and poultry, from South America or North America. Primarily, it aims to work every day to supply the best and freshest meat because, for those who don't know, ONI Import Export is a leading international export company based in Cape Town. Country of Origin and Product Range ONI transports high-quality meat and poultry mainly from reliable producers in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay,...

Easter Around the World

Easter Around the World

Many people celebrate Easter around the world. Although it is a Christian religious celebration that marks the Resurrection of Jesus, it is celebrated by everyone. The American tradition of Easter egg hunting brought the festivities we know to this day. The animal chosen to bring us these eggs is the rabbit because it represents birth. However, all over the world, there are numerous traditions for this time. Easter in South Africa In South Africa there is the great and ancient tradition of...