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Dairy Products

Thousands of liters of fresh milk are consumed every morning combined with many other products throughout the day and night. We bring you the freshest produce of milk, yogurt, butter, and cheeses.

ONI IMPORT EXPORT (PTY) LTD is a market-leading African imports exports company that strives to bring the freshest dairy produce. Dairy plays a major role in our South African exports. On average 23 pounds of cheese, liters of milk, and 3.7 pounds of butter are consumed each year. We bring you the best from our home base.

Demand levels of production

Increasing income levels will stimulate the demand for milk and dairy products, meaning that future milk production will need to increase by more than 1.8 percent per year should income levels continue to increase. The global dairy market has grown tremendously since the early 90’s.

Quality Guarantee

Our dairy products including a variety of whey and milk powders, fresh and long-life milk, butter and yoghurt, and cheese products purchased from dairies and cooperatives in South Africa and Argentina.

ONI only purchases from producers that commit to international standards of quality. Our dairy products are transported in such a way that their freshness and given shelf-life are preserved.

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