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South Africa – Imports and Exports

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South Africa – Imports and Exports

South Africa – Imports and Exports

In South Africa, exports and imports are activities that relate to international trade. They relate to the entry and exit of products from a given country.

Firstly, Africa is one of the six continents of the world and the third largest in land area. It is the third largest in land area, behind Asia and America. Secondly, this territory is more than 30 million km2.  It occupies around 20% of the continental area of the planet.

More than one billion people live on the continent, making it the second most populous among the others.

South Africa

South Africa is located in the south of the African continent. The country is in the group of countries which possess a large amount of mineral resources.


The service sector is mostly inserted in the tourism activity. The safari is one of the country’s most important tourist attractions. Besides national parks and business tourism.

The industrial park is diversified. The most important industries are chemicals, petrochemicals, foodstuffs, transport equipment, agricultural equipment and metallurgy.

South Africa is a large agricultural producer. This is because, there is a lot of fertile land that helps in agricultural production. In short, in agriculture, the country stands out in the production of corn, sugarcane, grapes, among others.

The main livestock are cattle, poultry, among others.

In short, South Africa is one of the few countries on the African continent with a diversified economy. The country’s economy is based on the service sector, industry and agriculture.  Most importantly, it now ranks as the richest and most industrialised country in Africa.


ONI IMPORT EXPORT, a wine merchant, is well placed to select the best wines that South Africa has to offer.  And thus export outside Cape Town. Consequently, wine distribution outside the South African region is certainly quite popular with many distributors in the industry.

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