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Procurement Process

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Procurement Process

How does the process of purchasing products at ONI Import Export work?

ONI Import Export is a South African company, more precisely in Cape Town, leader in imports and exports with over 30 years of experience in the international market.

ONI’s motto is to continuously satisfy, both our customers and suppliers, through constant monitoring of the market, which allows us to take advantage of any change and/or opportunity. This allows us to better serve our customers!

Do you know how ONI’s product acquisition process works?

Find out through this flowchart!


When our customers contact us, they expect an excellent service. Above all, ONI prides itself on maintaining a good relationship with its customers and suppliers network. In other words, we offer an international trade service that attests to long-lasting relationships with our biggest customers.

Our customers have an established network of suppliers and partners. In addition, we have spent years cultivating and improving this same network, in order to guarantee competitive prices. As a result, our customers have access to extensive personalized services due to ONI’s entire experience.

In conclusion, the fact that we are present and active in international markets allows us to offer our customers the most competitive advantages in the market. Products such as frozen fish and seafood, frozen meat, fruits and vegetables and dairy products! Get to know more on our site.

Any questions you have or if you need to make a request for a quote, please don’t hesitate and contact us. Stay on top of all the news from ONI Import and Export, through our blog and social networks Facebook and LinkedIn.

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