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Easter Around the World

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Easter Around the World

Easter Around the World

Many people celebrate Easter around the world. Although it is a Christian religious celebration that marks the Resurrection of Jesus, it is celebrated by everyone.

The American tradition of Easter egg hunting brought the festivities we know to this day. The animal chosen to bring us these eggs is the rabbit because it represents birth. However, all over the world, there are numerous traditions for this time.

Easter in South Africa

In South Africa there is the great and ancient tradition of “Hot Cross Buns”. It appeared in 1361 and has since been part of its culture.

The same tradition is also carried out in England. These small, sweet, lightly spiced buns are decorated with a cross. They can contain several fillings, although the most common is raisins.

It is said that if you share one of these rolls with a friend on Good Friday, the friendship will last forever.

Easter in Europe

In Portugal there are several different traditions throughout the country. From the burrinha procession in Braga to the flower procession in the Algarve. The typical meats on Easter Sunday are suckling pig, lamb and kid. Cod, as at Christmas, is also present at the table.

In France, tradition says that the bells fly to Rome to be blessed. When they return, they drop eggs and chocolate bunnies for the children to find. That’s why, during Holy Week, the bells are not heard.

Easter in the United States of America

In Washington there is the well-known White House Easter Egg Roll. The event includes games and performances to entertain children.

For the past two years, with the same goal, the White House has developed online activities for children. Puzzles, coloring pages and other games were available on the platform. All over America, Easter egg hunts are held with children and adults alike.

Easter in Australia

In Australia, Easter alluding to rabbits is not celebrated because they are considered a pest. Easter’s character is Bilby, a small marsupial. From the kangaroo family, this animal is on the verge of extinction. Therefore, all the money raised in the character’s chocolates is reverted to a fund for its preservation.


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