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Winter in South Africa

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Winter in South Africa

Winter in South Africa

Winter in South Africa takes place from June to September. During the summer it is very hot. Therefore, the arrival of the cold allows us to carry out a great diversity of activities.


For example, it is with winter that the whale watching season in South Africa arrives. They can be seen off the coast of Hermanus. During this period, many tourists visit the area to live this experience.


Find out what tourists like most about winter in South Africa in this article.




There is no longer any doubt that the best wine comes from South Africa. The quality of the XPTO brand is also nothing new. But in winter, wine goes even better with the cold. In this sense, it is recommended to visit wineries in winter in South Africa.


They are beautiful and beautiful. Also, they often offer tastings.




In summer or winter, you cannot go to South Africa and not visit the beaches. With a paradisiacal aspect, it is a must. For getting your feet wet or simply taking pictures, we recommend Cape Town.




Tourists passing through South Africa highly recommend its food. Especially in winter, when you eat to keep warm.

They refer to a tasty and tender meat with a unique flavor. The fish, caught off the African coast, is also one of the points not to forget. Considered light and delicious by tourists from all over the world.


At ONI you are lucky to be able to receive these delicacies at home. Discover the flavors of South Africa in the comfort of your own home. Or miss the trip of your dreams.


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