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Frozen Fish & Seafood

We strive for the freshest A-grade supply of fish and seafood. Our international trade services can supply fish and seafood from South America or Asia.

ONI Import Export company has established reliable partnerships with leading suppliers around the world, we can assure excellent service and wonderful quality.

ONI can trade products for most industries including:

We export frozen seafood products from South Africa and also cross trade frozen fish products with China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Peru, Chile, Argentina.ONI Import Export company has formed great relationships with leading suppliers around the world, we can assure excellent service and spectacular quality.

Seafood is popular around the globe and is enjoyed with wine.

Any available type of fish or seafood for you

We only purchase from fisheries that live up to international standards of quality and sustainability. Straight after the fish has been caught, it is processed and frozen to conserve its taste and freshness.

Our frozen products are transported at all times in specially equipped means of transportation guaranteeing that the cold chain is respected from the producer to the end-user. This ensures that the fish is in prime condition when it ends up on your customer’s plate.

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Frozen Fish
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Frozen Fish
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Frozen fish

Frozen Fish
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