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Oni Import/Export has established a cultivated, refined global network of suppliers and partners. We can offer wide-ranging customized services because of ONI’s 30+ years of experience and established relationships in the industry during which time quality relationships have been formed with strategic partners and suppliers. Some of our important trading partners are based in countries such as:

China | Brazil | Spain | South Africa | Portugal | Paraguay | Uruguay | Mexico | Argentina | USA | Vietnam

Our consistently active presence in the international markets allows us to offer our customers competitive advantages. Bulk Commodities and value-added food products, beverages, and pet food to the retail, food service, and processing industries, household appliances, and equipment, office equipment, industrial equipment, vehicles and spare parts, toys.

We source quality goods worldwide and our vast range includes foods, household appliances, and industrial equipment. Decades of knowledge and experience have developed our team into experts in sourcing, procuring, and transporting quality goods internationally at a competitive cost.

We build lasting and beneficial relationships with our suppliers and customers because of our: expertise/professionalism/creativity /integrity /efficient and reliable customer and supplier-focused service and /creation of sustainable growth for all involved parties.

Air Freight | Fish | Fruits | Land Freight | Meat | Sea Freight | Wines

We want to continuously improve our international customer and supplier satisfaction through close cooperation and following a proactive market approach, which allows us to be ahead of market changes and able to grasp new opportunities.

Fullest customer and supplier satisfaction. Building valued and trusted relationships within the company and among partners. Creating a stimulating and rewarding workplace allowing employees to grow to their full professional capacity., constant staff training to ensure a high level of expertise, commitment and integrity, and transparency.

Air Freight | Fish | Fruits | Land Freight | Meat | Sea Freight | Wines