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Frozen Fish & Seafood

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Frozen Fish & Seafood

Services – Frozen Fish & Seafood

ONI works very carefully for the freshest supply of frozen fish and seafood. International trade services can supply fish and seafood from South America or Asia.

As you know, ONI is an active player in international trade markets. And because of this, it supplies high quality products with reliable partners all over the world.

ONI Import Export has established reliable partnerships and great relationships with the main suppliers all over the world, in order to guarantee an excellent service, so that it’s considered a unique service, and an even better quality.


Curiosity – Did you know that ONI can trade for most industries?

For sure, ONI can commercialize products for most of the industries, it means that:

  •  We export frozen seafood from South Africa and also cross trade frozen fish products with China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Peru, Chile and Argentina.


The fish always comes from fisheries that mainly meet international quality and sustainability standards. Immediately after being caught, the fish is processed and frozen to preserve its taste and freshness, so that everything is impeccable.

Therefore, the fish that is transported is: fresh, frozen, dried and canned. Seafood is considered popular all over the world and is often enjoyed with wine.


How are the products transported?

Our frozen products are always carried in specially equipped means of transport, thus ensuring that the cold chain is from the producer to the end user. This guarantees that the fish maintains its perfect condition when it reaches the customer’s plate.

To conclude any questions you may have or any requests for quotes, please do not hesitate and contact us. Get to know all of the updates and news from ONI Import and Export, through our blog and social networks: Facebook and LinkedIn.

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