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Trading : our speciality!

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Trading - ONI | Import | Export

Trading : our speciality!

There is a common factor among many companies that want to export or import products, all the bureaucracy they have to deal with. Any failure in this regard can trigger a set of problems that we want to avoid at all costs. And to avoid this type of complications, nothing better than resorting to a company specialised in trading, namely ONI Import Export.

But do you know what a trading company is ? In this article, we explain it all to you!

What is it?

A specialised trading company seeks to facilitate the entire import and export process between buyers and suppliers in different countries.

What can we do for you and your business as a trading company?

1. Establish more spontaneous communication

We have a specialised team that speaks different languages. This is undoubtedly a great advantage as it allows us to reduce the barriers imposed by language and culture. This allows us to establish a more fluid connection in negotiations.

2. Get access to our supplier network

Trading companies, such as ONI Import Export, work with several customers. Through our vast network of customers, we are able to reduce the possibility of shortages of certain goods. In the same way, we enable the customer to have more options to choose from.

3. Buy in smaller quantities

It is possible to buy in a smaller quantity that suits your company’s needs and budget and increases bargaining power.

4. More security throughout the process

Our product range guarantees you more security in the import and export process. Likewise, during an inspection, international insurance and all expenses that apply. We always work with reliable companies and suppliers.

5. Reduce costs

Os custos que tem ao contratar uma empresa especializada em trading, na maioria das vezes, ainda são inferiores aos de contratar uma equipa que fique apenas encarregue de tratar de todos os aspetos da importação e da exportação. Já para não dizer que a nossa experiência consolidada neste mercado é sem dúvida uma mais valia.

Mais do que tudo, estamos consigo em todo o processo!

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, ONI Import Export is available to advise its customers on the best course of action with regard to the whole process of international trade and what it covers. It is not easy to find the best suppliers, with the best products and at the best prices. Likewise, dealing with all the costs, insurance, expenses, quality control, quantities, among other aspects of the cargo. That is why our services are essential to help you make the best decisions.

ONI is an international trading corporation that has been established in the market for over 17 years. Our experience allied to the excellent services we provide, make any transport safer. Choose us as your trusted partner to help you do the best business.

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