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Frozen meat

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frozen meat

Frozen meat

First of all, does ONI Import Export supply frozen meat?

That’s right … supplies frozen meat, be it beef, pork and poultry, from South America or North America. Primarily, it aims to work every day to supply the best and freshest meat because, for those who don’t know, ONI Import Export is a leading international export company based in Cape Town.

Country of Origin and Product Range

ONI transports high-quality meat and poultry mainly from reliable producers in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, USA, Mexico and Peru. A wide range of products is available:

  • Poultry;
  • Chicken
  • Turkey;
  • Pork;
  • Beef;
  • Lamb;
  • Buffalo;
  • Venison;

The frozen meat is sold is produced according to customer orders, requirements and specifications. Halal and kosher requirements are also available on request.

All kinds of meat are available for you.

Quality frozen meat is exported from South Africa and Argentina. So to ensure excellent service and spectacular quality, ONI forms excellent relationships with leading suppliers around the world. In other words, the commitment to source only quality products for our customers leads us to superior producers and suppliers.

ONI Import Export Policy

ONI’s policy is to source suppliers that meet internationally accepted quality standards. In other words, to ensure that the frozen products are of high quality, and at the same time arrive at their destination in excellent condition.

As well as this, the transport facilities are specially equipped so that all the products remain in a constant state.

Tip ONI Import Export – Good accompaniment to meat:

The choice and the tip ONI gives is for the accompaniment with the meat. The meat has to be accompanied by a glass of wine. Wine is a drink that goes well with several dishes but mainly, with meat. 

The wine leaves the palate fresher and less heavy. The flavour of the meat and the fruitiness of the wine balance each other out perfectly.  


In conclusion, if you have any questions or requests for quotes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Stay abreast of all updates and news from the company ONI Import and Export, through our blog and social networks: Facebook and Linkedin.

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